The Center maintains a philosophy of working alongside clients to provide guidance through one-on-one or small group counseling, which helps staff provide more targeted versus generic assistance. Staff and partners have found that this approach empowers the client to make better decisions about their business, increasing their potential to become more sustainable in the future.

Attendees of the Acre Program receive training in marketing, financial planning, value-added processes, legal requirements, state and federal grant opportunities, and more.

Feeding Innovation is designed to support entrepreneurs interested in developing or expanding healthy food businesses in food deserts or underserved areas of the state.

This Program helps our state’s new farmers development of their farm businesses by providing innovative research-based agribusiness education, administering technical assistance, and more.

We can help grow your local food or agriculture business.


We provide technical assistance to cooperatives, mutually-owned businesses, and other small businesses within multiple industries, but with a strong focus on the agricultural business.


We have a vast library of resources available in the Great State of South Carolina. The Center has many ways to help grow your local food or agricultural business.

New Business

Resources for those looking to start a new business in South Carolina.

Existing Business

Whether you’re transferring a business, estate planning or using farm assets for retirement, we can help with that.

Cooperative Development

We work with farmer-owned co-ops that help producer-members market and process their crops and livestock, and secure needed production supplies and services.

Grant Support

Resources for those looking to apply for Federal and State Grant Opportunities.

Other Resources

We help new Ag-Businesses plan for success with a variety of programs and resources.