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Beef Cost Calculator

Click below to download our Direct Marketing Beef Cost Calculator for processing and direct marketing of beef.

Chicken Cost Calculator

Click the button below to download our Direct Marketing Chicken Cost Calculator for processing and direct marketing of chicken.

Video Guide: How to use our “Cost Calculators”

We’ve put together a Video Guide that carefully explains how to use the calculator. Click below to view the Video Guide.

Excel Farm Account Book

We’ve put together an Excel spreadsheet that allows you to log cost and expenses for your farm. Click below to download the Excel file.


We provide technical assistance to cooperatives, mutually-owned businesses, and other small business within multiple industries, but with a strong focus on agricultural businesses.

Attendees of the Acre Program receive training in marketing, financial planning, value-added processes, legal requirements, state and federal grant opportunities, and more.

Feeding Innovation is designed to support entrepreneurs interested in developing or expanding healthy food businesses in food deserts or underserved areas of the state.

This Program helps our state’s new farmers development of their farm businesses by providing innovative research-based agribusiness education, administering technical assistance, and more.